Monday, January 10, 2011

Anes na Panis

  In the OR, there are few people that you must get along with. And the Anesthesiologists would be the first in the list. Yesterday after a meticulous neck surgery, I was left by other surgeons after closing the incision to dress the cut. I told the student nurse to please find me a micropore (tape). I was a little bit in a hurry because it was about 3:30 in the afternoon and still I have to proced to OPD to help my co-doctors. So I find the micropore myself. Actually, most of the time anes have that thing and we just get one whether it is on their table or not but this time the anes in our room didn't have it so I have to check the other OR room. I found it in small table next to anes machine. When I saw it, I got it and when I was about to leave, she (isang epal na anes resident) sarcastically said,"d ka ba magpapaalam?" I was quit surprised by what she said because we don't usually ask permission when taking such petty micropore which is a hospital property and not a personal thing. I was thought that she had the best attitude among them and it was not a good pre-judgement. Maybe if she felt insulted, she can say it nicely and I can accept that. In the hospital,doctors protect each other asses as other staffs do. And maybe if she had all the success in life that can license her to be a pseudo perfect resident, pwede pa.  Feeling magaling!!!!
feeling magaling na anes..i2 para sa iyo!!!

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