Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7 of Surgery. The amazing part is almost starting to scare me out. People seem to have their own ways of getting to trouble. Bystanders confronting my desk to show their contusions and hematomas stating their case as if I am a police officer. Wives are bitten and drunk men hit with PBCs. As a surgeon, and maybe as a doctor, I have to attend to their misfortunes. But as compared to other allied MDs, we are indeed have the least patience. And I am working on it. But earlier, I had the chance to prove myself that my inclination to change is not easy as changing condoms. The number of the patients consulted at the OPD was outstanding. And it was not something to enjoy as a surgeon seeking for skills to furnish. Quality in small quantity is still better to achieve than quantity  receiving the least quality. As I stated to my ego, to change is a choice, but choosing to reconstruct a part that is built from the childhood's despair is like pulling a stone carefully under a tower of blocks. To save lives is not easy. It is a choice to help and a chance to be God's servant.