Saturday, January 15, 2011


About 5 months ago, my friend invited me in a gym in Mandaluyong City. Working out has been my dream and the same time my leading frustration since my college days and worsen during my Med school. I even remember editing a picture of a Bench model putting my head to his ripped trunk. It was funny and pathetic too.
Now, hitting the gym for 5 months of 3 sessions per week of at least an hour per visit seem to gratify my elusive desire...little by little. Shape for me is the most priority rather than acquiring those boulders. But getting into shape needs building as well: more reps than weights. During the first four months, treadmill slashed most of my belly but not much as I wanted. Love handles proves that smashing off fat deposits is not as easy as building up biceps. Yet running cut almost 10 kilos from my weight in just 3 months dumping me to a low BMI. My gym buddy's advice was to take more protein for building and do more running. As for protein, it will resuscitate your muscle from breakdown during workouts. Whey protein of 2lbs costs 1,500 pesos ( may tawad na un) in Greenhills and that will be consumed in 2 weeks. Aside from that, protein-rich foods like canned tuna (FYI: Century has higher protein per serving than San Marino. Afterall, Piolo's is way better than Dingdong) and heavy home-made chicken  spread helped me a lot. Purchasing low calorie foods may not be that demanding but for a low BMI, increasing mass from muscle building will give more benefits. Now, I need to concentrate more on trimming this stubborn love handles.

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